Is your Contact Center moving to the cloud ?

Contact Centre Counsellors can facilitate your navigation through this maze of complexity via an evidence-based process.

6 Proven Steps Supporting Your Cloud Transformation



1 - Gap Analysis

We walk you through a thorough checklist covering goals, strategy, business requirements of UC and CC, metrics used and current vs future state.

2 - High Level Architecture

We work with you to design your future state architecture best suited to your business / operation / service

3 - Go To Market

Effective and efficient communication of your requirements to a targeted group of approproate Vendors, Carriers and potential integrators is critical.  This ensures you get the most appropriate solution proposed for your consideration.

4 - Select

Logical selection between two or more technically comples proposals can be daunting without a reobys process and tools for screening.  We show you how to prioritise, rate, trial and ultimately negotiate the best deal.

5 - Implement

Armed with all this new information and skill set, you are now prepared to managed you team though this period of tremendous change.  After all, you are replacing the whole front door of your business.  If you and your team are too busy running the day-to-day business, don’t worry, we can work with you side-by-side managing the project.

6 - Measure Success

Functional analysis of past, present and future trends is required to manage performance, faciliate growth and prepare for changes in your business.



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