CXI for Amazon Connect


CXI Amazon Connect from UCA & CXVizz provides a core integration path from key platforms aligned to Amazon Connect to provide a comprehensive and fully supported out-of-the-box integration offering.


CXI Amazon Connect from UCA provides out of the box support for core BI analytics tools and database platforms.


CXI Amazon Connect from UCA is a pure cloud integration and can be connected and setup in a minimal amount of time and effort.

UCA works with their clients to define and build the report / analytics outcomes and provides templates for PowerBI, Tableau and Grafana to get you started faster.


CXI Amazon Connect from UCA is scaled to your needs and allows transformation of multiple data sources in to interactive business dashboards leveraging the BI tool of your choice..

Drill Down

Drill down data in a widget to see granular details through hierarchical nested column grouping


Enhanced sorting of data across values / widgets as needed


Calculated measures allow dynamic data insights driven from expression formulas

Filter Data

Filter data in a widget at runtime based on a selection in the master widget. Also, perform hierarchical filtering through filter relationships between multiple master widgets

Drill Through

Explore the raw data behind a calculated metric value showcased in a widget to understand the value’s pattern behind the scenes

Custom Tooltips

Define metrics / text to display in tooltips at runtime on any visualization widgets.

Responsive Layouts

The UI is responsive that adapts to any standard screen size and orientation when seen on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets

Easy User Management

Users can be easily organized into groups which helps to accurately map the structure of small and large organisations

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