Customer Experience Intelligence as a Service (CXIaaS)

Unlock the Potential of Your Contact Centre Data

In an increasingly globalised world organisations are exposed to more risks, lower margins and greater competition than ever before. In order to survive in a global, competitive economy, businesses need to stay relevant.

The growing market of Data Analytics outsourcing tells us that more companies are investing in data analytics to transform their data into actionable insight to gain a competitive edge.

Data Analytics forms the backbone of business intelligence. It enables benchmarking, accurate reporting, KPI tracking and insights into consumer behaviour, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition.

Customer Experience Intelligence as a Service (CXIaaS) from UCA is a scalable & agile platform that delivers real-time Contact Center data directly to your desktop in powerful, fully customisable dashboards.


CXIaaS from UCA supports a wide variety of core UC platforms as well as additional data sources to provide a single view of your data.

Genesys CLOUD

UCA’s custom built integration APP to provide powerful and informative analytics from your Genesys  Cloud Deployment

Avaya Aura

UCA’s custom built app that integrates with Avaya Aura and provides extensive analytical insights beyond the standard CMS or report suite

As a Service

Cloud based deployment allowing rapid deployment and freedom from management of your own data centre infrastructure.   Hosted securely in AWS Australia, UCA maintains your data in a secured database infrastructure that is connected to CXI as a Service.

Data Connectors

120+ Data Connectors

Standard out-of-the-box data integration from over 120 data connection sources such as files, relational databases, NoSQL databases, CRM’s, cloud data stores, REST API sources and more.  Click to see the comprehensive list and gain insight in to how you can leverage CXIaaS for your organisation.


CXIaaS from UCA is scaled to your needs and allows transformation of multiple data sources in to interactive business dashboards within minutes.

UCA works with you to capture the data sources and then leverages gui based widgets from the BI platform to turn complex data streams in to  informative and actionable analytics.

Drill Down

Drill down data in a widget to see granular details through hierarchical nested column grouping


Enhanced sorting of data across values / widgets as needed


Calculated measures allow dynamic data insights driven from expression formulas

Filter Data

Filter data in a widget at runtime based on a selection in the master widget. Also, perform hierarchical filtering through filter relationships between multiple master widgets

Drill Through

Explore the raw data behind a calculated metric value showcased in a widget to understand the value’s pattern behind the scenes

Custom Tooltips

Define metrics / text to display in tooltips at runtime on any visualization widgets.

Responsive Layouts

The UI is responsive that adapts to any standard screen size and orientation when seen on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets

Easy User Management

Users can be easily organized into groups which helps to accurately map the structure of small and large organisations


CXIaaS from UCA leverages widgets to present data as actionable information to the end user.

Radial Gauge

Column Chart

Bar Chart

Stacked Column Chart

Stacked Bar Chart

Pie Chart

Doughnut Chart

Pyramid Chart

Funnel Chart

Area Chart

Line Chart

Spline Chart



Pivot Table

Tree Map

Heat Map

KPI Card

Number Card

Combo Chart


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