Our partnerships

To help you bring your customer, service and digital vision to life we provide services that focus on your research, strategy, and planning and provide professional services to help you execute your plans and sustain the benefits. We see our role to help you navigate the complexity of the market to bring together a realistic solution that will get results. We work with partners to deliver the outcomes by either recommending high-quality suppliers or aggregating our and our partner’s services to deliver a complete solution led by us. Our partnerships include:

  • Industry Leadership: furthering customer and digital industries will lift performance for everyone
  • Expertise: with 30+ speciality contractors and 30+ companies with specialist services we gain access to the best, proven practitioners in the market
  • Implementation: our partners have proven capability implementing and managing solutions. There is no reason for Customer Science Group to build these capabilities when the best are in the market today. We leverage their proven expertise directly in aggregation. 
  • Technology: our partners produce the most innovative and effective solutions in the local market. These partnerships provide us with deep knowledge of the market, products and solutions that are not possible without them. With multiple partners in each technology we select the best partner for each solution so, we remain both agnostic and experienced.

Industry Partners

CSIA - Customer Service Institute of Australia

We have partnered with the Customer Service Institute of Australia to help drive the acceleration of customer experience transformation for our clients.

As judges in the CSIA annual award, we stay current with trends and the best solutions in Australia.


We are active committee members with Auscontact, working to support a better contact centre service for all Australians.

We provide advice, training, events and judging.

Australian Institute of Digital Health

AIDH is Australia's peak body for digital health - health informatics - digital health leaders and practitioners.

We participate in annual events and are active members of the institute.

Customer Operations Performance Centre

COPC is the international contact centre and service operations certification organisation.

With expertise in COPC, we work collaboratively to stay current with the latest trends for you.

Industry Specific Offerings

As a selected CSIA Practitioner we help organisations to design and deliver award winning service.

We are offering a no obligation 2 hr clinic that delivers you a personalised service recommendations report.

Introducing the CSIA Certified Practitioner

CSIA has hand selected industry experts, Certified Practitioners (CPs), to be on hand to support the Customer Service community in realising and achieving their vision for best-practice customer experience.

Our practical approach leverages expertise, knowledge and quality in customer service to help you to provide realistic service improvements that can be operationalised.

Complementing the CSIA standards and training the CP’s help organisations accelerate their service transformation to deliver world class and award winning services.

How can a CSIA Certified Professional help you?

You have the flexiblity to start at any point in your service improvement journey, you may elect to focus on a single area or deliver a complete transformation from end to end. The practitioners aim is to improve and sustain world class service through proven methods.

  • Advice & Analysis: use the expertise to supply insights, advice and analyse service solutions
  • Design: co-design targeted service solutions up to complete operating models
  • Implement: bring together the best customer service project managers and subject matter experts who can implement a design with confidence
  • Embed: providing processes, coaching and technology we embed the improvements so they become a sustainable solution

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Our Certified Professional Offerings

Services provided by the Certified Practitioners are tailored to your requirements. Typically, these services include:

  • CSIA accreditation gaps resolution
  • Customer service coaching
  • Consulting services
  • Customer service strategy development
  • Operational review
  • Future customer experience design
  • Service transformation enablement & execution
  • Vendor/BPO selection & review
  • Digital service & service automation
  • Service people selection and management
  • Customer service improvement

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